Know everything about the replacement of car battery

Battery is an important part of the car that supplies current to power all the parts. But just like everything else, a car battery has a life too and it wears down after a while because of excessive use. You can’t even start the car if your car battery has died down. This is why you should check the car battery at least once a month to understand its condition. If you notice the damage or your car refuses to start, it is time for a car battery replacement dubai. You can purchase a new battery but people also go after used car batteries to save money. However, you have to check the used car battery for a few things to make sure it’s in good condition. You can seek the help of an expert mechanic available in any renowned Tyre Shop Dubai. Here are some points to consider while buying a used battery.

Type of Battery 

It is important to know what type of car battery is suitable for your car. To know, read the car manual carefully and then look for the battery that the makers have suggested. Buying any other battery can damage the car as well as can cause wastage of money.

Age of the battery

Though the age of the battery also depends on the brand, typically battery can perform well around six years max. It loses performance after that period. Therefore, do not go for older batteries as there is no point in investing in those that have a short time left to perform.


The condition of the battery becomes clear with the use however you can look for leakages, dents, damages, etc to make sure it is well in shape.

Get a trusted source

While you can find a number of dealers in the market dealing in battery replacement but choose the trusted one only. The question may arise of what to do in case there is no known dealer? The solution is to ask around. Those people in your social circle who own cars must know about an experienced dealer. So ask to know what your friends recommend and then go with the one with the most recommendations.

Ask questions

While investing in a car battery replacement dubai don’t hesitate to ask the dealer about the warranty and return policy. Being a buyer, it is your right to know everything about the product so no need to shy away from asking questions about battery life, condition, return policy, and so on.