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Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer that styles, engineers, produces, markets and distributes luxury vehicles. Audi could be a member of the Volkswagen cluster and has its roots at Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Audi-branded vehicles ar made in 9 production facilities worldwide.

The origins of AUDI tyres Dubai the corporate ar complicated, going back to the first twentieth century and  therefore the initial enterprises (Horch and therefore the Audiwerke) supported by engineer August Horch; and 2 alternative makers (DKW and Wanderer), resulting in the inspiration of motorcar Union in 1932.

AUDI Tires Dubai

Audi Tires Dubai the fashionable era of Audi primarily began within the Sixties once motorcar Union was noninheritable by Volkswagen from Daimler-Benz. once relaunching the Audi complete with the 1965 introduction of the Audi F103 series, audi tires dubaiVolkswagen incorporated motorcar Union with urethritis Motorenwerke in 1969, therefore making this day type of the corporate.

The company name relies on the Latin translation of the last name of the founder, August Horch. AUDI tires Dubai “Horch”, which means “listen” in German, becomes “audi” in Latin.

The four rings of the Audi emblem every represent one in all four automobile firms that banded along to make Audi’s forerunner company, Auto Union. Audi’s expression is Vorsprung durch Technik, which means AUDI tyres Dubai “Advancement through Technology”.

However, Audi USA had used the expression “Truth in Engineering” from 2007 to 2016, and haven’t used the expression since 2016. Audi, along side BMW and Mercedes-Benz, AUDI tires Dubai among the popular luxury automobile brands within the world. Buy Audi Tires in our Tire Shop Dubai.

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