Cheap tyres Dubai

CHEAP Tyres Dubai

If you are looking for cheap tyres in Dubai, is the right place. Our online tire shop offers best prices in the area, quick and easy service. Our VIP home fitting service is available 7 days a week.

cheap tires dubaiBuy tires from us today and select from a wide range of brands and more than 21.000 tires in our database. Receive a complimentary 1 year warranty on every purchase. A cheap tyres does not necessarily means that it has a bad quality. There are only customized on your budget. We have selected the most reliable budget tires for you.

Our customers from limousine companies use these brands on a daily basis driving 10th of thousand kilometers per year without any problem. You can expect the best quality and value for money when buy our tyres.

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Nexen Tires

Nexen is a Korean tire manufacturer, established in 1942. If you are looking to buy cheap tyres in Dubai, then Nexes is a good choice. Nexen Tires Dubai are available at with optional VIP home fitting service. You can trust our expertise. We will help you to find exactly what you need.

Lexani Tires

Lexani Tires are offering high performance a fair prices, whatever vehicle you drive. Luxury sedans, SUVs or Sports Cars, with Lexani Tires Dubai you are covered with a high performance tire lineup. Quality, style and luxury the most effective combination for each Lexani tire.

Zeetex Tires

ZEETEX offers innovative and quality-driven budget tires. Eco friendly tires with efficient wear resistance and high steering stability performance at a high speed are the key features of ZEETEX Tires Dubai. Buy Zeetex Tires at

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Buy CHEAP Tires in Dubai

Save money and buy from Tires can be ordered online via our online shop. Simple join our Live Chat and submit your tire size. We will support you to select the right brand. In the UAE new tyre regulations have been installed that require to change the tires if the production date is five years or older.

Tire Shops in Dubai may only sell tires with a production date with the past 2 years. Besides innovative features such as electronic tyre sensors that monitor the pressure and temperature, this is what you need to need to keep in mind before you buy cheap tyres dubai

You might not know when is the right time to change your tires. A new set of tires is a major investment in the lifetime of your car even if you choose cheap version. Inspect the tires visual and look for cracks or punctures. To be 100% safe just visit our workshop every 10,000km and we will provide a free check-up.

If you buy from us you will receive 2 complimentary rotations to you purchase. Be aware of tires that had a puncture before. These punctures get repaired which is only a temporary solution.

All kinds of damages have an impact on the remaining lifetime of the tire. The owner’s manual of your car will show you the recommended tire and wheel sizes. Don’t try to save money by buying cheap stuff in a different size for safety reasons. If you are not 100% sure which tire size is best for your car, simply give us a call.

If you finally to decide to buy is recommended to replace the tyres pairs only or as a complete set of 4 (plus spare wheel) since different profile depth and patterns can affect the lifetime of the all tires and the performance of your car.

If you install tyres from different brands on both sides of your car, this will also affect the balance of your car in corners and on changing surfaces. Buy the same tire models for all 4 tires and use the same quality per axle. Fuel efficiency is a major topic these days. Different tire pattern and big size can affect the fuel consumption a lot.

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