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The Q2 in its most elementary type prices around AED 120,000 and for that you just get the one4bhp 1.0-litre turbocharged hydrocarbon model. There are one48bhp 1.4-litre and 187bhp two.0-litre hydrocarbon engines on supply, furthermore as one.6 and 2.0-litre diesels. Most Audi Q2 Tires Dubai are going to be front-wheel drive, however if you wish Audi’s quattro four-audi q2 tires dubaiwheeled drive system, it’s obtainable with the two.0-litre engines.

In terms of recognition, the 1.4-litre hydrocarbon model is that the winner. It offers perceptibly additional power than the one.0-litre, however its ‘cylinder-on-demand’ technology (which shuts down a part of the engine once full power isn’t required), makes it economical, too. It will manage 0-62mph in eight.5 seconds, however conjointly claims fifty one.4mpg in official fuel economy. this can be really terribly just like the smaller hydrocarbon model Audi Q2 Tires Dubai and not too distant a number of the diesel variants, that come between fifty six and 68mpg reckoning on engine size.

The Q2 shares several qualities with the Audi A3 hatchback, creating it a secure, comfy, polished and guaranteed automotive to drive. The forthcoming BMW X2 is probably going to be additional fun, however really few consumers within the little SUV market Audi Q2 Tyres Dubai have performance as their prime priority, therefore the undeniable fact that the Q2 isn’t the foremost partaking automotive to drive is unlikely to carry it back.

Nevertheless, the Q2 displays commendably very little body lean in corners despite its raised ride height, whereas broken tarmac and potholes area unit nicely smoothed out and cause very little discomfort. A six-speed manual gear case is customary, though the superb seven-speed automatic contains a ton to advocate it – not least a small improvement Audi Q2 Tyres Dubai in fuel economy. this is not obtainable with the one.0-litre hydrocarbon engine, however it’s facultative with the mid-range engines and customary with the two.0-litre models.

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