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Audi’s S6 is that the hotter, a lot of powerful version of the brand’s everyday A6 sedan. it’s been around in its current incarnation since the 2012 model year, having benefited from solely one update last year that brought a bump in H.P. and gentle cosmetic tweaks. each S6 comes customary with Quattro, Audi’s all-wheel-drive system, also because the Audi S6 Tires audi s6 tires dubaiDubai lineup’s solely twin-turbocharged V-8. (Regular A6s contend with a turbocharged inline-four or a supercharged V-6.) the sole visual telltales embrace trim-specific wheels, metallic element mirror caps, quad exhaust shops, and a small S6 badge within the grille.

Last year Audi tweaked the headlights of the A6/S6, giving them a a lot of line. That amendment pales as compared to the extra thirty H.P. that Audi S6 Tyres Dubai extracted from the S6’s engine. The Audi S6 Tires Dubai H.P. increase brought the S6’s output to a spherical 450 ponies; the engine’s peak-torque figure of 406 lb-ft stayed an equivalent. One year later, with a replacement A6/S6 sedan looming on the horizon for 2018, Audi unsurprisingly hasn’t messed with the S6 in the least. The S6 could be a evilly fast automotive that carries few if any of the compromises to everyday livability that such speed usually entails. you’ll drive this Audi calmly while not passengers being any wiser to its ability to crack off sub-4.0-second runs to sixty mph.

The suspension is snug, even within the sportier driving modes, and therefore the cabin is quiet. That interior, by the way, may well be recent, however solely the marginally dated MMI moving picture system offers that away. The dashboard’s minimalist vogue and high-quality materials otherwise belie the S6’s age. equally acquainted, the S6’s exterior styling is inconspicuous and handsome, Audi S6 Tyres Dubai appealing to people who need a quick sedan that draws very little attention. And all-wheel-drive traction could be a boon on wet surfaces and in states that see winter weather.

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