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This comparatively retiring huge German luxury sedan extremely may be a member of the exclusive 600-hp club. The Audi S8 and competes within the higher echelon of the luxury-sports-sedan realm, commercialism blows with such machines because the 577-hp Mercedes-AMG S63 and therefore the 600-hp BMW Alpina B7. The previous, 520-hp S8 wasn’t quite maintaining audi s8 tires dubaiwithin the HP wars, though, therefore Audi S8 Tyres Dubai introduced the top-dog and model for 2016 with additional power—and it’s currently the sole S8 configuration out there to U.S. buyers. (We’re not protesting.) Beyond its burlier engine, the S8 conjointly differentiates itself with a shorter, 117.8-inch wheelbase; like the BMW 7-series and therefore the Mercedes S-class, the regular A8 is long-wheelbase solely in America—the A8L in Audi S8 Tires Dubai speak.

The Audi conjointly has an uprated chassis, together with a stiffer suspension and greater brakes, moreover as a delicate visual makeover with distinctive styling treatments front and rear and snazzier interior trim. Combined with its subdued exterior design—there’s merely enough further visual aggression to create positive you won’t be mistaken for AN A8 driver—the Audi S8 Tires Dubai Plus’s blistering performance makes it one among the final word sleepers sold these days. In Comfort mode, it’ll cruise around just like the huge, comfortable luxury sedan that it’s. however in Dynamic mode, it hunkers down on its suspension and apparently defies the laws of physics with keen steering, deft responses, and a temperament to rotate that belie its size and nearly two-and-a-half-ton curb weight.

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