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Off Road Tires Dubai

Buy Off Road Tires in Dubai. Are you looking for off road tires Dubai? You found the right place! The UAE is a paradise for all off road enthusiasts. The combination of mountain trails and big dunes lets the challenge begin with the choice of the right offroad tyres Dubai. It might not be possible to draw the full picture of wheeling knowledge here, but we are always available to help you to select the right off road tires dubaitires for your needs. Weather you are just looking to grab some cheap off road tires in Dubai for some dune bashing or high quality brands for the best performance on rocks, trails and soft sand. offers a wide selection of off road tyres in Dubai we have the best options for you. When you choose the right tires for your car it can significantly increase your off-road performance experience. Before you decide for your offroad tyre Dubai you need to estimate how much you will drive off the road, on wet and dry pavement, on rocks or in soft desert sand. Always take in account the worst possible conditions you may experience the most. But no matter which conditions you encounter you will have to compromise. Off road tires Dubai are available with reasonable all around traction.

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Off Road Tyres Dubai

Off Road Tyres Dubai are available in 4 different categories:

  • All-Purpose Tires Light Pickups and SUV’s are often equipped with all purpose tires with the M+S designation. These tires offer good handling on dry pavement but also perform well in wet conditions. For off road use these tires are only marginal at best, the construction is lighter and tread pattern are closed. Choose this off road tyre if you spend most of your time on the road, pull trailers or drive in easy terrain off the road. You might ask yourself why this tire is even off road tyres dubaimentioned in the off road tyres Dubai section. Simply because it´s the most used tire on light trucks, SUVs and Jeeps.
  • All-Terrain Tires All-Terrain tyres are somehow similar to the all purpose tires but they are a step up. The tread design is much more aggressive for better traction in mud, sand and on rocks. All terrain tires are built to give you a compromise between road driving and to be ready for off road anytime. Since it´s a compromise tires that can do both it also means that it does not perform best in either terrain, but they are the best choice if you spend your time on and off the road 50:50.
  • Mud-Terrain Tires More radical tread design and tough construction are the key features of the mud terrain tires. Mud terrain off road tires Dubai provide the best traction in all situtations. High puncture resistance makes this tire perfect for your desert and mountain rides. Even though the noise level is higher than with the all terrain tires, this tire is a good choice.
  • Special Off Road and Racing Tires Built for the most extreme conditions these tires come in the largest sizes. Driving comfort on road? Forget it! These tires are made to give you highest performance and safety in the deepest sand, mud or on massive mointain trails. Speciality tires are recommended if you car spends a lifetime off the road.

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