COOPER Tyres Dubai

COOPER Tyres Dubai

Cooper tyres Dubai are available at with the best service in our Tire Shop Dubai. Deeper treads are the key feature of Cooper tires Dubai to give you better traction off the road and more mileage. The tread design features Cooper’s unique Armor-Tek3 technology with advanced compounds. Equipped with the most advanced off road tyre, cooper tires dubai the STT PRO, Cooper Tires has a solution for every need. Cooper Tyres Dubai are famous in the off-road scene. But also in USA, Australia & New Zealand Cooper is the leading provider of off-road tyres to suit your driving needs. Ourstanding technology and superior quality leads to Copper´s ultra-high-performance. If you want to buy Cooper Tyres Dubai please contact us for our daily updated Cooper tires Dubai prices. Cooper Tires Dubai are sold with free fitting, balancing. As an extra you will receive 2 complementary tire rotations after 10.000km each.

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COOPER Tires Dubai

Cooper S/T MAXX

The Cooper ST Maxx is a Heavy Duty All-Terrain tire for 50% Road & Sand and 50% Dirt & Mud. Developed after three years of testing in Australia’s outback to give you the toughest all-terrain performance. The additional off-road traction and rugged appearance gives you ultimate resistance. The extra strong sidewall protection and stone ejector ribs with varied channels resist damage by discharging stones to avoid drilling.

Cooper H/T

The Cooper H/T is a Highway Terrain tire for 90% Road & Sand, 10% Dirt & Mud which is a stronger tyre with more puncture resistance. This excellent original replacement tyre offers you longevity and a soft ride with reduced noise level. Higher grip on loose ground and best handling off the road. No matter if dirt, sand, mud or roads, this Cooper Tyres Dubai is an excellent choice for your car.

Cooper Zeon LTZ

The Cooper Zeon LTZ is the ultimate All-Terrain Sports tire for 70% Road & Sand, 30% Dirt & Mud combining high performance and stability between a sports-truck tyre and an all-terrain tyre. A stronger steel belt increases its load-carrying capacity.High traction in mud and loose surfaces and extended rim flange to decrease rim damage are high value features of the Cooper Zeon LTZ.

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